AIIB pledges to drive ‘tangible and positive outcomes’

AIIB pledges to drive ‘tangible and positive outcomes’


Michael Lawrence, Chief Executive

AIIB President Jin Liqun has formally opened the AIIB’s annual general meeting in Jeju, South Korea, with a pledge to drive “tangible and positive outcomes.”

“Asia is at a critical juncture. The region faces new and complex challenges,” he said, citing the infrastructure gap, urbanisation and climate change.

Jin Liqun said he and his top team have spent time briefing the public about its role and its ambitions, and said he is committed to give “clear, accurate and timely information.”

“But the AIIB can only be deeply appreciated by what it does on the ground,” he said.

“It is mission critical that the bank contributes to sustainable growth in the region,” he said. “The AIIB vows to help tackle the challenges. We will step up alongside our members and partners to do our part to build a sustainable tomorrow.”

Subject to formal ratification, three new countries (Argentina, the Republic of Madagascar and the Kingdom of Tonga) will join the AIIB as members, it was announced at the AGM, taking the total to 80, including a number of non-regional members.

Joachim von Amsberg, Vice-President of the AIIB, recently spoke at Asia House. Video of the speech and Q&A session can be found here.


Michael Lawrence, Chief Executive of Asia House is currently in Jeju at the AIIB AGM.