Our Network

Connect with our network of business, economic and political leaders in  Asia and Europe.

Through the extensive Asia House network, we are able to offer excellent insights, connections and opportunities in the fields of business, economics and political engagement between Asia and Europe.


Asian Embassies and High Commissions in the UK

Asia House works with many of the missions of the Asian countries here in the UK in our efforts to further dialogue and discussion between the UK and the countries of the pan-Asian region. We assist Asian missions with cultural awareness and trade promotion and organise briefings with Asian Ambassadors and Senior Diplomats exclusively for our corporate members.


Western and Asian multinational companies

Through our extensive network of established UK and Asian multinational companies, we ensure debate and discussion is relevant to decision making in large scale business and investment between Europe and Asia. A major element of the Asia House Business & Policy programme is the opportunity to network with a range of key decision makers amongst some of the largest and well known corporate institutions. View our Corporate Membership section for more information.


Mid-cap firms, Small Enterprises and entrepreneurs

Through our network of smaller firms, we offer an opportunity to learn from a range of businesses at the cutting edge of cross-geographical business between Europe and Asia. Small and medium sized businesses often sit at the heart of economic growth and pioneering commercial activity – we seek views from both European and Asian business leaders that can share their success stories about overcoming cultural differences achieving success in ventures between the two regions.


Independent Experts

At our public conferences and private roundtable discussions, we utilise our network of experts from academia, think-tanks and the media to expand knowledge and thinking on Asia-Europe relations as well as insights into Asian politics and economics. Alongside decision-makers from business and politics, we ensure an objective platform for eminent experts on Asia-Europe relations.


The Foreign & Commonwealth Office and British Missions in Asia

We maintain a close, but independent relationship with the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), hosting ministers, senior officials and foreign policy experts, as well as serving British Ambassadors and High Commissioners on their visits back to the UK. Serving as an independent platform for dialogue we encourage connections and discussions that will assist understanding between the UK and Asian countries.


UK Government Departments

As well as the FCO, we interface with a number of other UK government departments, such as the Department for Business Innovation & Skills and the Treasury, to ensure our broad network benefits from insights around policy-making in different sectors and that UK officials are able to increase their understanding of Asian perspectives.

International Advisory Council

The Asia House International Advisory Council comprises former presidents and heads of state, senior policy-makers, internationally renowned business leaders and individuals who have been globally recognised for their contributions to better understanding with and within Asia. Members of the Council contribute, through their advice, to the direction of Asia House and participate in events and activities as speakers, commentators and moderators.