Advisory Services and Tailored Research

Insights and market intelligence on Asia and Europe

Asia House offers a range of corporate services for multinational companies with economic interests in Asia and Europe, drawing on unique insights derived from its comprehensive Business & Policy Programme and wide network of senior figures from Asia and the West. Based on our connections, range of speakers and objective thought leadership platform, Asia House is well placed to offer intelligence and advice to multinational companies in the form of tailored advisory services and research.

As a non-political entity, Asia House maintains excellent working knowledge of and useful connections with Asian and European governments, central banks, think-tanks, academic institutions and supranational entities. With the ability to engage independently with actors from a wide political spectrum, Asia House is able to offer impartial and informed advice on the development of policy in Asia and Europe, and assist global corporates to formulate effective market, government, media and social engagement strategies for a range of Asian economies.

The Asia House Business & Policy Programme takes a macroeconomic and geopolitical view, regularly involving ministers, trade agreement negotiators, diplomats and senior officials. Based on the insights from the programme, Asia House is able to bring unique and commercially valuable insights to clients of our advisory services. Asia House is able to provide insights into the politics and market forces impacting negotiations, regulatory change and the opening of new markets.

For more in-depth political or economic insights, through bespoke research Asia House can offer clients more informed intelligence from a range of sources of economic and market data. We are able to capture views from key opinion-formers from the Asia House network and beyond, including business leaders, journalists, academics, political leaders and senior officials. By combining tailored research with our advisory services, clients are able to benefit from the expertise as well as the thought leadership platform at Asia House.

For further information on our advisory services, please contact Charlie Humphreys, Director of Corporate Affairs:, or call +44 (0) 20 7307 5452