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The New Global Trade Order: An Asia House conference in Dubai

Asia House will be assembling some of the world’s leading thinkers on global trade and investment for a major conference in Dubai on 22 April.

Held in partnership with DMCC, The New Global Trade Order will provide insights and analysis to help business leaders and policy makers better understand – and capitalise on – the new global trade order.

Following a highly successful Asia House conference in Hong Kong in November 2017, which featured speakers from seven governments and an array of senior business leaders, The New Global Trade Order aims to shift the trade debate to the Middle East – a region set to enjoy increased growth as Asian economies rise.

Conference themes

The shape of global trade is changing dramatically. President Trump’s America First policy, Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and China’s positioning as the champion of globalisation while it drives the Belt and Road vision have triggered a redrawing of the global trading architecture.  And all of this is unfolding as innovations in tech continue to disrupt global commerce.

Trade ties between Asia and the Middle East have flourished for centuries. Today, a new Silk Road leads from Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore to the Gulf Region. The Middle East possesses enormous spending power, controls 44% of the world’s crude oil reserves, and has become a popular destination for international tourists.

The Middle East will therefore play a vital role in the new trading architecture. Trade hubs, such as Dubai, are likely to see a sharp increase in traffic as Asian economies grow.

The New Global Trade Order conference will explore these themes and the potential impact they will have on regional and global trade.

Taking place in DMCC Free Trade Zone in Dubai on 22 April 2018, the conference will include three keynote speeches from international policy makers and panel discussions looking more closely at the issues they raise.

Panels (subject to change) 

The future of trade

Taking a broad view of the key trends emerging in the global economy, this discussion will explore the challenges and opportunities these present to businesses operating between Europe and the Middle East and the rest of Asia. This panel will offer predictive analysis on both the shifting politics as well as market developments across the global economy. Of particular interest will be the emergence of new trade hubs to service the shifting trade order, and the geographies likely to benefit.

The Belt and Road Initiative

With a specific focus on China’s new approach to infrastructure development beyond their borders through the Belt and Road Initiative, this panel will take stock of the initiative’s progress to date and analyse the associated commercial opportunities and economic impact of the initiative to the Middle East, and Asia more widely.


This discussion will highlight the impact of new technologies and infrastructure development as they enable new forms of connectivity between economies, especially among emerging markets, regional blocs and trade hubs across Asia. Analysis from a range of experts, business leaders and policymakers will identify associated policy challenges and commercial opportunities.


The conference will bring together more than 200 stakeholders from policy, industry, media and academia.

For more information, including details on how to register and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Evie Cramb, Business and Policy Programme Coordinator: evie.cramb@asiahouse.co.uk




April 22, 2018


08:00 - 14:00



Asia House
Tel: 0207 307 5454


Almas Tower
Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai , United Arab Emirates
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