New tariffs on Chinese imports proposed by the US this week can be implemented without causing a trade war, the Director of the White House National Trade Council told CNBC on Thursday. Peter Navarro said that the US was acting to create a “trading environment that works not just for Americans but for the rest... View Article

Media outlets in China have railed against Western attitudes in the wake of global reaction to its constitutional changes. On Sunday, China’s parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of removing fixed presidential terms, paving the way for President Xi Jinping to remain in post indefinitely. The global interest in the story prompted several Chinese media outlets... View Article

Singapore has topped a new global index of smart cities, The Straits Times reports, in a boost for its tech and trade ambitions. The city-state beat London (2nd), New York (3rd) and San Francisco (4th) in The Global Smart City Performance Index, published this week by Intel. Smart cities are defined as those which have... View Article

President Trump’s new tariffs on steel and aluminium represent “a major change in the international trade order,” a former Prime Minister of Singapore has said. In a Facebook post, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said: “This jostling reflects Trump’s bilateral deal-making at work. It portends a major change in the international trade order. It... View Article

Changes to China’s constitution enabling President Xi Jinping to stay on indefinitely were approved yesterday (Sunday), prompting fears of a return to ‘one-man rule’, the Financial Times reports. Delegates in China’s parliament voted 99.79 per cent in favour of abolishing presidential term limits, introduced in 1982 to prevent a return to personal rule and the... View Article

Singapore is to open a new ‘cyber-security start-up incubation hub’ next month in an effort to boost entrepreneurship and improve its cyber-security credentials. The hub, dubbed the ‘Innovation Cybersecurity Ecosystem @Block71’, aims to host 40 start-ups over the next two years, the Straits Times reports. The enterprises will be focused on developing cyber-security products and... View Article

New steel and aluminium tariffs announced by US President Donald Trump this week have attracted condemnation from key exporters, and sparked fears of a sharp stock market sell-off in the US and Asia. The duties of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminium, announced on Thursday, will be implemented broadly without targeting specific countries. According... View Article

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, HRH Mohammed bin Salman, will visit the UK on 7 March to begin a three-week global tour aimed at strengthening ties and encouraging international investment. The visit is part of the ‘Vision 2030’ plan, which promotes social and economic reform to help open up the Saudi economy and catalyse... View Article

The US is discussing the prospect of rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has revealed. “I’ve met with several of my counterparties and other people, and we’ve begun to have very high-level conversations about TPP,” he said, adding that a possible renegotiation is “on the table,” the Straits Times reports. The comments followed... View Article

Indonesia is to transform 335 hectares of land in Bantul and 50 hectares in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, into “the Silicon Valley of Indonesia,” according to a regional official. Budi Wibowo, Yogyakarta’s regional secretary for development affairs, said the two areas will host industrial estates focusing on creative industries including fashion, animation and games, The Jakarta... View Article