Asia House appoints a new Business & Policy Programme Manager

Melanie Ullrich

Melanie Ullrich has joined Asia House as the new Business & Policy Programme Manager

Asia House appoints a new Business & Policy Programme Manager


By Asia House Staff

Asia House is delighted to announce the appointment of Melanie Ullrich as Programme Manager in the Business & Policy Team. Melanie will succeed Patricia Díaz Martínez de Marañón who is leaving Asia House to relocate to Asia.

Melanie joins Asia House from the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, the leading organisation representing European business in China, where she worked as Marketing & Events Manager in the Shanghai chapter.

“I am very excited to join Asia House and I look forward to continuing the great work that has been done by Patricia and the team,” Melanie said. “Having very recently moved back to Europe from Asia, I am hoping to contribute with fresh insights on key topics to further develop Asia House as a leading forum for international decision makers, business leaders and opinion-formers working across business and policy in Europe and Asia.”

In her new role, Melanie will be responsible for developing and implementing the strategy for the Business & Policy Programme at Asia House, which seeks to deliver insights on major topics through engagement with industry leaders and policymakers.

Charlie Humphreys, Director of Corporate Affairs at Asia House, said: “Following Patricia’s excellent achievements in bringing European perspectives very effectively into the Asia House Business & Policy Programme, we are delighted to welcome her successor Melanie who will maintain and develop our valuable programme of conferences, private briefings and engagements with Asian and Western business and political leaders.

“Melanie will also work with colleagues in the Business & Policy Team to ensure our corporate members and the wider business community continue to gain unique insights into the fast developing political and economic engagement between Asia and Europe as well as the complexities of inter-Asian interaction and the opportunities that this presents.

“Alongside advisory and bespoke research services for multinational companies, the Business & Policy programme remains a key channel for engagement at Asia House. Melanie’s involvement will increase the visibility of the programme with the wider Asia House network and the raise the profile of the issues highlighted through our range of events.”

Melanie has a background in international business and developing events around trade and investment policy with an Asia-Europe focus. Prior to her role at the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, Melanie worked on the China-focused Hamburg Summit at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and on East Asian affairs at Ostasiatischer Verein, the German Asia-Pacific Business Association. She is a graduate of the University of Hamburg and studied Chinese Culture and Language at Zhejiang University, China.

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