Asia House briefed on FinTech and Belt and Road finance in the Middle East

Asia House briefed on FinTech and Belt and Road finance in the Middle East


Since going live in 2015, Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) has gained global recognition as a leading financial centre and FinTech hub. It has developed a vibrant, innovative and inclusive financial services ecosystem, and created some of the most advanced crypto asset regulations in the world.

With ADGM harbouring ambitions to become a major offshore RMB centre and a key regional hub for Belt and Road Initiative finance, Asia House invited Richard Teng, CEO, ADGM Financial Services Regulation Authority, to brief Corporate Members on its FinTech ambitions.

Teng was joined by Diana Avila, Head of Banking, TransferWise, who shared analysis on the development of the FinTech environment in the Middle East.

Chaired by Asia House Chief Executive Michael Lawrence, the off-the-record briefing explored the evolving financial services market in the region, with particular focus on regulation and how ADGM is working with individual businesses on regulatory issues. The opportunities arising as Asian markets’ influence in the Middle East increases were also discussed.

The briefing was held as part of the Asia House Middle East Programme and in partnership with UK FinTech Week 2019.

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