China opens new front in trade war with US travel warnings

China opens new front in trade war with US travel warnings


Luke Foddy, Communications Manager

China has issued a series of warnings about travel to the US as relations between Beijing and Washington continue to sour.

According to Reuters, China’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that Chinese companies and citizens in the US should be “aware of harassment from law enforcement agencies.”

China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, meanwhile, stated that Chinese tourists should “fully assess the risks of going to the US for travel” in light of “shootings, robberies and thefts happening frequently in the US,” the BBC reports.

Chinese state media outlet Xinhua stated that the travel alert is “valid until December 31, 2019,” noting “the frequent occurrence of shootings” in the US.

On Monday, China had issued similar warnings to students, stating that Chinese nationals studying in the US had faced a range of issues relating to visas, South China Morning Post reports.

These moves could be interpreted as an attempt by China to open up a new front in the trade war by targeting lucrative tourism and education sectors in the US. China is the largest source of international students to the US, accounting for 31 per cent of foreign nationals studying there.