China’s growing quest for technology in innovation

China’s growing quest for technology in innovation


With China aiming to be a world leader in digital technologies by 2025, Asia House partnered with Rouse to hold a roundtable discussion exploring China’s progress to date in meeting its innovation ambitions.

‘China’s growing quest for technology in innovation’ assembled leading industry professionals and analysts to explore the increasingly central role of new technologies in the Chinese economy and its implications for other countries.

Luke Minford, CEO, Rouse, was joined by Rene Haas, President of Intellectual Property Group, ARM, Katrina Hayter, Deputy Director, Global Portfolio, Innovate UK and Kerry Brown, Professor of Chinese Politics, King’s College London, to discuss China’s growing demand for innovation with Asia House Corporate Members.

The key focus of the discussion centred on what can be done to enable the critical information flows between China and the West to facilitate future partnerships and cooperation in all areas of innovation. Building these channels will overcome the key hinderances to foreign investment and China’s growth, which include a mutual lack of understanding and misconceptions around trade practices, standards and IP use.

The current conditions for innovation in the Chinese economy was also explored during the insightful discussion, including current industrial imbalances, the effects of state control over markets and the huge potential arising from China’s wealth of data.

View the Rouse infographic – China & Innovation: The Collaboration Environment 



The overwhelming view from the insightful discussion was one of optimism, with China representing huge opportunities as it continues to embrace new technologies to drive growth.

The roundtable, organised in partnership with Rouse, was held to provide a forum to share ideas and engage with one of the most important issues in global trade today; China’s growing quest for technology in innovation.

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