Asia House Events and Publications

Opportunities to take part in the Business & Policy programme

Asia House Events

Asia House offers a range of corporate services for multinational companies with economic interests in Asia and Europe. Based on our track record of world-class business and policy events over our 20-year history, Asia House is a credible platform with which to partner on co-branded and private conferences. Based on the thought leadership within the Business & Policy programme, we are also able to develop publications with contributions and insights from key figures in our network which foster relevance with business and policy-making audiences.

Opportunities to sponsor events and conferences in the Business & Policy Programme are open to both corporate members and non-member companies. We work in partnership with conference sponsors on content, speakers, audiences and media coverage.

Opportunities range from large scale signature conferences to small, private roundtables and discussions. Our conferences offer an opportunity to raise the profile of key issues, business sectors or regions amongst informed and Asia-focused audiences of multinational companies.

Convening audiences between 70 and 150 at our prestigious central London venue, our signature conferences encompass relevant topics, high production standards and invitation-only audiences from our extensive network.

For more information on event sponsorship, please contact Melanie Ullrich, our Business & Policy Programme Manager:, or +44 (0) 20 7307 5462.

Asia House Publications

In parallel with our extensive programme of Business and Policy events, Asia House produces publications to complement and draw on our areas of expertise, current themes of discussion and our network of business professionals. Capturing the thought leadership and intellectual capital of credible speakers and notable participants in the Asia House Business & Policy Programme, our publications are designed to focus on commercially relevant topics and distributed to leading corporate and political figures within and beyond our extensive network.

Our publications explore the opportunities and challenges of specific industries and regions in the Asian business and policy landscape and provide unique insights through our own research and the views of our network of distinguished contributors. Publications can be released in conjunction with specific events or as stand-alone projects.

For more information on sponsorship of publications, please contact Samantha Deave, our Researcher:, or +44 (0) 20 7307 5442