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    The New Global Trade Order: Helena König, European Commission DDG, Directorate-General of Trade

    Helena König, Deputy Director-General of the Directorate-General of Trade in the European Commission, will brief Asia House corporate members on Friday 26 October. She will discuss the EU’s position on trade in the context of a rapidly-changing global order, especially with regards to how US tariffs on China, and the EU will affect business and what the EU is doing to address this. This event is part of the Asia House New Global Trade Order Series.
    In late July, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker struck an agreement with US President Donald Trump to work towards a ‘zero-tariff’ deal, and the EU also promised to buy billions of dollars worth of new American exports. However, trade tensions between the US and China has also roiled global trade patterns The Trump Administration is reshaping the rules of global trade, and Ms König’s briefing will shed light on the EU response in this new context.

    Ms König has been Deputy Director-General of the Directorate General of Trade since May 2018. From 2015 to 2018 she was Director for Asia and Latin America, and before she served both as Head of Unit for South and South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and Head of Unit for the Far East covering China, Japan, Korea, and Mongolia. She is well-placed to share insights from her long career covering the intricacies of Asia-EU trade.

    This briefing is for Asia House corporate members only. To register, please contact Jana Psarska in the Business & Policy Team at: jana.psarska@asiahouse.co.uk 

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