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    Simon Penney, HM Trade Commissioner for The Middle East

    Simon Penney, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for the Middle East, will brief Asia House Corporate Members on 4 May on the effects of COVID-19 on the Middle East, and how the UK plans to engage with the region after the pandemic.

    There has been a plethora of changes in the Gulf’s political and economic landscape this year, including the death of Sultan Qaboos in Oman, the hosting of the G20 by Saudi Arabia and, more recently, the temporary ceasefire in Yemen, the oil price war and the global coronavirus pandemic.

    Penney will look at how these issues will affect the future of trade in the Gulf, and what steps the UK will be taking post COVID-19 to increase its engagement in the region. He will also be keen to hear from Asia House Corporate Members about how the pandemic is affecting business operations in the Middle East.

    This briefing is held exclusively for Asia House Corporate Members. To register interest in attending, please contact Cordelia Begbie (

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      4 May 2020
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