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    US-China Power Play: Where does the EU stand?

    US President Donald Trump’s recent spate of protectionist trade policies has alienated its close security and trade partners the EU and Japan. At the same time, it has provided a platform for China to portray itself as a responsible global player.

    After President Trump warned of another US$100 billion of tariffs on China’s imports in April, China called on the EU to take a joint stand against US protectionism. The EU did not respond directly to this call, stating instead that measures should always be taken within the World Trade Organization framework.

    The EU is caught in a tight spot: while they share many of the same grievances against Beijing as Washington, they are also under threat of protectionist measures ordered up by President Trump.

    Philippe Duponteil, Head of Unit Far East at the Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission, will brief Asia House corporate members on the EU’s position on trade with China, particularly in the midst of the current trade tensions between the US and China. Mr Duponteil’s brief includes EU trade with Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mongolia and Macao. With the preparation of the signing of the EU-Japan EPA FTA underway, Mr Duponteil will also discuss the implications for the UK in transitioning this deal after Brexit. He will be speaking as part of the Asia House New Global Trade Order Series.

    This briefing is for Asia House corporate members only. To register, please contact Aini Abdullah in the Business & Policy Team at: aini.abdullah@asiahouse.co.uk

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      25 May 2018
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