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    “Future of Finance”: Opportunities in Digital Financial Services for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia

    With the coronavirus pandemic causing disruption throughout the global economy, Asia House is convening senior executives from one of the world’s leading financial centres to discuss the future of finance in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA).

    Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) has been named the leading financial centre in MEASA and sits in the top 10 financial centres globally. DIFC CEO, Arif Amiri, and Ali Hassan, Senior Representative for Europe, will share their insights on the future of financial and digital services in MEASA during an Asia House digital briefing on 22 April.

    With a vibrant ecosystem of over 25,000 professionals, working across more than 2,400 active registered firms, DIFC achieved record growth in 2019, which included 64 per cent growth in the financial services sector over the last five years.

    Aware of organisations’ current concerns over Covid-19, DIFC is working closely with the UAE government in a coordinated effort to safeguard the future of finance and fortify Dubai’s financial sector. Aligning with Dubai Government’s economic stimulus programme, DIFC has also introduced a series of fiscal easing initiatives, to help protect the financial services industry and all businesses operating in the centre.

    In this briefing, DIFC will discuss the availability of local talent and how the UAE’s capital is being deployed at each step of the financial services value chain to drive efficiency, volume and develop the customer experience for a large and young population.

    The session will also cover specific opportunities for UK firms to leverage their expertise in the Gulf, broader Middle East, Africa and South Asia regions.

    The briefing will include practitioner insight from Dan McLaughlin, former Whitehall policy advisor and current Director of International Affairs at SmartPension – a UK technology company that has brought its innovative pension technology to DIFC and Dubai.

    This briefing will be on the record, recorded and available for playback. If you would like to attend the briefing but would not like to be recorded, please let us know and we will edit accordingly.


    (All times are BST)

    09:00-09:05 – Introductory Remarks: Asia House Chief Executive and Moderator Michael Lawrence

    09:05-09:25 – Briefing on the Future of Finance in MEASA – Dubai International Financial Centre

    09:25-09:30 – Practitioner Insight – Dan McLaughlin, Smart Pension

    09:30-10:30 – Moderated Discussion and Q&A

    This event is part of the Asia House Middle East Programme. For more information, please contact Cordelia Begbie, Middle East Programme Manager, at: cordelia.begbie@asiahouse.co.uk 

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      22 April 2020
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