HSBC has completed ‘the world’s first’ trade finance transaction using a single blockchain platform, in what commentators have described as a ‘breakthrough’ for the technology and its real-world application. HSBC announced that the blockchain transaction, completed with ING on behalf of Cargill, involved a bulk shipment of soybeans from Argentina to Malaysia. While there have... View Article

With US-China trade talks set to resume in Washington this week, US President Donald Trump has instructed the Commerce Department to reverse punitive measures against one of China’s biggest electrical firms. ZTE suspended its main operations after the US Commerce Department banned American companies from selling to the firm for seven years as punishment for... View Article

Mahathir Mohamad was sworn in as Malaysia’s seventh Prime Minister on Thursday evening, after a short delay by the King, Sultan Muhammad V. Although Mahathir is the current Prime Minister, he has been picked by the Pakatan Harapan alliance on the understanding that he will hand over the premiership to Anwar Ibrahim after he is... View Article

The Malaysian Ringgit fell against the US Dollar and stocks with Malaysian exposure dropped on Thursday morning following the unexpected win of the Malaysian opposition. The election of the Pakatan Harapan alliance, with 135 seats out of the 222 seat parliament, is likely to create economic and market volatility in the short term, but stability... View Article

Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has secured a shock victory in the Malaysian election, defeating incumbent PM Najib Razak and putting an end to the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition’s 60-year-rule. In what the BBC describes as an ‘historic’ election, Mahathir’s opposition alliance won 115 seats, over the threshold of 112 seats needed to form... View Article

With the vote count underway in Malaysia’s General Election, commentators are reflecting on the country’s closest electoral race in a generation. Barisan Nasional, the ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Najib Razak and his United Malay National Organisation (Umno) party, has dominated Malaysian politics since independence in 1957. Running against Razak is former Umno Prime... View Article

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He is to travel to Washington next week to continue trade negotiations, following limited progress in talks in Beijing on Friday. White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders said, “China’s top economic adviser, the vice premier (Liu He), will be coming here next week to continue the discussions with the president’s economic team.”... View Article

Details have emerged from last week’s US-China trade talks, with both sides reportedly taking a hard-line approach. Documents outlining the US and China’s respective demands highlight the scale of the challenge facing negotiators if a mutually acceptable deal is to be struck. According to The Financial Times, the US demands include China cutting its $337bn-a-year... View Article

European markets dipped on Thursday as analysts predicted slow progress in China-US trade talks. The UK’s FTSE 100, Germany’s DAX and France’s CAC all closed the day at a low, The Guardian reports, reflecting a cautious mood among investors. The negotiations, which The Wall Street Journal described as likely to be ‘recurring, difficult talks that... View Article

Chinese media has warned the US to approach today’s trade talks “with sincerity,” adding that Beijing will not adhere to all of Washington’s requests. In an editorial, Global Times stated: ‘Washington had better not expect that its trade-war stick will force Beijing to take whatever the US delegation offers. The imminent dialogue must be held on... View Article