China has offered to “open discussions about a possible free trade deal” between Britain and China post-Brexit, according to UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Speaking in Beijing during his first visit to China as Foreign Secretary, Hunt said the offer was “something that we welcome,” and that the UK “will explore.” The Foreign Secretary was... View Article

Imran Khan, leader of the Movement for Justice Party (PTI), has declared victory in Pakistan’s elections, amid widespread accusations of rigging by the military. PTI is close to winning an outright majority, however it is unclear whether it will achieve this or be forced to form a coalition government. Incumbent leader Shahbaz Sharif has already disputed the outcome,... View Article

The US and European Union (EU) have agreed to suspend new tariffs and work towards lowering existing trade barriers following talks between US President Donald Trump and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. Juncker visited Washington on Wednesday amid a backdrop of protectionist rhetoric and political attacks on the EU by President Trump, who recently branded... View Article

The US and its European allies are in a trade stalemate after Finance Ministers at last weekend’s G20 summit in Argentina failed to produce any agreement, the Singapore Times reports. French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire was quoted by the BBC as saying that the trade war is now a reality and the EU could... View Article

The EU and Japan signed the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement on 17 July, the largest free trade agreement (FTA) the EU has ever negotiated, Reuters reported. The FTA, signed after four years of negotiations, will eliminate up to 99% of the tariff barriers between the EU and Japan, including the elimination of tariffs on almost... View Article

The UK is to launch a public consultation on joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), International Trade Secretary Liam Fox announced yesterday. Speaking in London on the UK’s trade strategy post Brexit, Dr Fox said: “The Government is determined not only to seek deals with key bilateral partners but to... View Article

With the US levelling tariffs on both China and the European Union (EU) amid escalating trade tensions, this year’s China-EU summit seemed to take on a new level of significance. Commentators waited to see whether President Trump’s protectionist policies would push China and the EU into forming an anti-US trade coalition at the summit, held... View Article

The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has called for the US, China, Russia and the EU to work together on global trade to avoid “conflict and chaos.” Speaking at the China-EU summit in Beijing today, Tusk said the “architecture of the world is changing before our very eyes and it is our common... View Article

The eighth China-Arab States Cooperation Forum (CASCF) took place in Beijing this week, with both sides pledging increased economic cooperation, especially under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). CASCF, founded 14 years ago and held every two years, provides a forum to facilitate high-level Sino-Arab relations. As reported in Okaz, Chinese President Xi Jinping opened... View Article

Turkey’s Lira and stock markets took a hit this week following the announcement of President Erdogan’s son-in-law as the powerful new treasury and finance Minister. According to the New York Times, the loss of independence of crucial government institutions, coupled with reckless economic policy, could place Turkey at growing risk of a financial crisis. As... View Article