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    AIIB VP addresses infrastructure investment amid uncertain global economy

    Published On: 19 March 2019

    The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)’s Asian Financial Infrastructure report, published in January 2019, noted that there is a need for a scaling up infrastructure investment to ensure long-term growth in Asia. However, an uncertain global economic landscape have impacted cost drivers and investment potential.

    Against this backdrop, Dr Joachim von Amsberg, Vice-President for Policy and Strategy at the AIIB, joined us as at Asia House to brief Corporate Members on Asia’s infrastructure investment, as well as AIIB’s priorities. Outlining the AIIB’s growth since its establishment three years ago, he noted that key areas of focus are going to be sustainable infrastructure and cross-border connectivity, both of which present opportunities for multilateral development banks to contribute to. Members were also briefed on examples of partnerships with successful private capital mobilisation for infrastructure development.

    Dr Amsberg drives the strategic direction of the Bank, including its sectoral and country priorities, investment strategy and programming, economic analysis and research, and operating budget. He oversees the Bank’s environmental and social policies, other operational policies, and their implementation.

    Following the private briefing, Dr Amsberg was in conversation with Asia House Chief Executive Michael Lawrence.

    Watch the full interview

    The briefing was held exclusively for Asia House Corporate Members.