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    Barbara Weisel shares views on US-China relations amid coronavirus tensions

    Published On: 16 April 2020

    The US response to the coronavirus crisis and the implications for global geopolitics were discussed when Barbara Weisel, former Assistant US Trade Representative for Southeast Asia and the Pacific, briefed Asia House Corporate Members today (16 April 2020).

    Speaking from Washington DC via video, Weisel gave an assessment of the US government’s approach to the pandemic, as well as China’s COVID-19 response.

    Revisiting themes from her appearance at the Asia House Global Trade Dialogue in Singapore last year, Weisel offered her take on how the Phase One deal between China and the US is progressing, as well as worsening tech tensions between the two powers.

    The digital briefing was held for Asia House Corporate Members, with participants joining from around the world. Weisel took questions on how the coronavirus pandemic will shape global trade relations; the risk of a rise in protectionist policies; and the nature of the global economic recovery. The future of US relations with ASEAN was also raised.

    The briefing was part of an ongoing series of digital events convened by Asia House to keep its network informed during the coronavirus crisis.


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