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    Bui Thanh Son outlines Vietnam’s coronavirus response and regional aims

    Published On: 29 May 2020

    Vietnam has emerged as one of the success stories of the COVID-19 crisis, with just 327 confirmed cases and zero deaths. However, with the pandemic heralding economic and geopolitical uncertainty across Southeast Asia, Vietnam faces an array of challenges.

    These issues were the focus of an Asia House briefing with His Excellency Bui Thanh Son, Deputy Foreign Minister of Vietnam, today [29 May 2020].

    During his initial remarks, the Deputy Minister shared an overview of Vietnam’s response to the coronavirus crisis, and highlighted the importance of UK-Vietnam trade relations. He then took questions from Asia House Corporate Members joining the digital briefing from around the world.

    Issues raised included Vietnam’s aims as the 2020 ASEAN chair, and the prospect of greater integration within the bloc; whether Vietnam’s planned economic stimulus will include an emphasis on green infrastructure programmes; and Vietnam’s plans for reopening its economy to tourists and business visitors. The EU-Vietnam FTA was also discussed.

    Moderated digitally by Asia House Chief Executive Michael Lawrence, with the Deputy Minister speaking from Hanoi, the briefing offered Corporate Members new insights into Vietnam’s priorities as the world emerges from the COVID-19 crisis.

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