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    Caroline Wilson discusses UK-China relations ahead of posting to Beijing

    Published On: 29 July 2020

    Caroline Wilson, UK Ambassador-Designate to China, will face an array of challenges when she takes up post this September. Diplomatic tensions are running high over the national security law in Hong Kong and the UK’s decision to ban Huawei from its digital infrastructure. But there are also deep concerns within the business community over what these worsening relations could mean for their operations and future growth in the Chinese market.

    Ahead of her posting to Beijing, Wilson took part in a briefing with Asia House Corporate Members to hear their views and share her thoughts on UK engagement with China.

    Wilson responded to a range of questions and comments from Corporate Members joining the discussion from around the world, with topics discussed including the future of UK-China trade and the role the UK government would like to see business play in the post-COVID world. The impact of free trade agreements, from a China-EU deal to the UK-US FTA, was also discussed, as was the UK’s influence on the global regulatory environment.

    The off-the-record briefing was chaired by Asia House Chief Executive Michael Lawrence, and was convened exclusively for Asia House Corporate Members.

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