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    Crawford Falconer outlines UK efforts to secure trade deals in Asia

    Published On: 2 July 2020

    With the UK pursuing a range of trade deals in preparation for a post-Brexit future, Asia House welcomed Crawford Falconer, Chief Trade Negotiation Adviser, UK Government, to brief Corporate Members on the progress being made.

    In a comprehensive briefing, Falconer outlined the efforts of UK trade negotiators against an ambitious timeframe, and gave an overview of the issues driving FTA talks with the US, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Potential UK accession to the CPTPP, as well as the geopolitical implications of the RCEP agreement, were also discussed.

    Asia House Corporate Members joined the discussion from around the world, with Falconer taking a range of questions on the UK’s trade prospects in Asia and beyond.

    Questions included the negotiation stances of partner economies, the efforts to ensure market access for UK companies, and the UK’s approach to markets such as China and Saudi Arabia. Falconer was also asked about obstacles to trade deals with the US and India.

    Relations with the EU and the prospect of tying FTAs to scientific research collaborations were also discussed in the briefing, chaired by Asia House Chief Executive Michael Lawrence.

    The off-the-record discussion was convened exclusively for Asia House Corporate Members.

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