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    Japanese Ambassador to the UK discusses Brexit and CPTPP

    Published On: 11 March 2019

    Japanese firms have been at the heart of some of the biggest news stories in recent months, with Nissan and Honda announcing moves away from the UK and Prime Minister Abe stressing the urgent need to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

    As one of the biggest EU-focused investors in the UK, Brexit is a big deal for Japan, as Asia House Head of Advisory, Ed Ratcliffe, explained in a recent analysis piece.

    To help Corporate Members gain a clearer understanding of UK-Japan trade and investment against this challenging Brexit backdrop, Asia House welcomed His Excellency Koji Tsuruoka, Japanese Ambassador to the UK, to give an exclusive, off-the-record briefing.

    The Ambassador outlined Japan’s position on trade and investment in the UK and how he sees Brexit unfolding. The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), which Japan helped salvage from the ashes of the TPP, was also discussed.

    The briefing was chaired by Michael Lawrence, Chief Executive of Asia House, and held exclusively for Corporate Members as part of the Asia House Brexit Series.