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    Myron Brilliant shares US perspectives on global trade

    Published On: 4 March 2020

    The likely direction of US-China relations and the prospects for a post Brexit UK-US free trade agreement were discussed at Asia House today (4 March) when Myron Brilliant, Vice President and Head of International Affairs, US Chamber of Commerce, briefed Corporate Members.

    With tensions between Beijing and Washington remaining strained despite the signing of the recent ‘Phase One’ deal, Brilliant shared his analysis on US-China relations during the off-the-record briefing, chaired by Charlie Humphreys, Director of Corporate Affairs at Asia House.

    Global data concerns and the prospect of tech decoupling were key discussion points, as was the economic impact of coronavirus.

    With the UK keen to move ahead with an FTA with the US as it builds a post-Brexit future, Brilliant also shared insights on how negotiations could progress, touching on the interconnected dynamics between the US, the UK and the EU.

    Brilliant also shared his take on the US Presidential race ahead of elections in November.

    The briefing was held exclusively for Asia House Corporate Members. Find out more about Corporate Membership at Asia House.