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    Saudi Ambassador to the UK outlines sustainability plans and Vision2030 progress

    Published On: 25 May 2021

    With Saudi Arabia pursuing an ambitious sustainability strategy, Asia House welcomed the Kingdom’s Ambassador to the UK, HRH Prince Khalid Bin Bandar Bin Sultan, to brief Corporate Members on the efforts underway to tackle climate change and diversify the Saudi economy.

    In a wide-ranging discussion, the Ambassador gave an update on Saudi Arabia’s economic outlook following a year of COVID-19 disruption and volatile oil prices, and outlined the progress being made on the Vision2030 initiative, including opportunities emerging in new sectors such as tourism and sports.

    The Ambassador also discussed the Kingdom’s national and regional green initiatives and its global role in tackling climate change ahead of the COP26 summit in the UK this November.

    Corporate Members from across Asia House’s global network joined the discussion, putting a range of questions to the Ambassador including on how Saudi Arabia is coordinating its green agenda; the public awareness and attitude towards climate change; and the support that the private sector can offer to the Kingdom’s sustainability efforts. The latest progress and developments on Vision2030 were also discussed, as was the country’s plans to develop its manufacturing industry.

    Chaired by Asia House Chief Executive Michael Lawrence, the briefing was convened exclusively for Corporate Members as part of the Asia House COP26 Programme.

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