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  • Driving commercial and political engagement between Asia, the Middle East and Europe

    Timothy Stratford shares insights on the direction of US China policy

    Published On: 9 February 2021

    With the Biden Administration describing China as the “greatest foreign policy challenge of this century,” clear indications of how the White House will approach this challenge are highly anticipated.

    Timothy Stratford, Former Assistant US Trade Representative for China Affairs, shared his own insights on the likely shape of US China policy under President Biden during a briefing with Asia House Corporate Members today (9 Feb).

    Speaking from Shanghai, Stratford outlined the state of US-China relations in recent years, including the approaches of different US administrations, and how Beijing has responded. Stratford also shared his views on the areas in which the Biden administration may depart from President Trump’s China policy.

    Asia House Corporate Members joined the discussion from around the world, with Stratford taking questions on a range of issues, from the relationship between President Biden and President Xi Jinping, to the potential flashpoint of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China.

    Stratford was also asked about EU-US relations in light of the EU-China investment deal; the prospects of both the US and China joining the CPTPP; and China’s engagement in global climate change efforts – an issue covered in the Asia House COP26 Programme.

    The off-the-record briefing, chaired by Asia House Chief Executive Michael Lawrence, was convened exclusively for Asia House Corporate Members.

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