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    Tom Tugendhat shares views on UK-China relations and Britain’s wider role in Asia

    Published On: 11 June 2020

    The UK will need to navigate an array of foreign policy challenges as it develops a new strategy for post-Brexit engagement with the world. This includes managing relations with China at a time of heightened global tensions, and building new ties across the wider Asia region.

    Asia House welcomed Tom Tugendhat MP, Chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, to brief Corporate Members on these issues, as well as the aims of the new China Research Group of MPs which he leads.

    In his opening remarks, Tugendhat discussed the growing tensions between China and the US, the challenges surrounding UK-China relations, and the role that Britain can play in Asia. He then took questions from Asia House Corporate Members, who joined the video briefing from around world.

    Topics included the ongoing debate over Huawei and the broader future of digital communications; Australia’s stance on China; and the sectors where the UK and China can benefit from respective investment. The UK’s positioning in Asia was also discussed.

    Moderated by Asia House Chief Executive Michael Lawrence, the private briefing was held exclusively for Asia House Corporate Members on 11 June.