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    UK “urgently” focusing on Asia’s tech sectors, Minister says

    Published On: 12 June 2019

    Luke Foddy, Communications Manager

    The UK Minister for Asia and the Pacific, Mark Field MP, has stressed the importance of Asia in the global tech revolution.

    Speaking at the UK-Asia Tech Powerhouse, organised by ABP Royal Albert Dock London and Asia House, the Minister said the UK was “urgently” focusing on Asia as it seeks to build partnerships across the digital space.

    “We are not just on the front foot in terms of research and strategy,” he said. “We are also leading the way in building partnerships with other countries at the cutting edge of technological innovation, most particularly and urgently in Asia.”

    The Minister’s comments reflect Asia’s status as a key player in tech innovation – the theme of the UK-Asia Tech Powerhouse, held at ABP Royal Albert Dock in London in association with Asia House.

    “Asia House and ABP have rightly focused on the sphere that will undoubtedly define how billions of lives are lived in the years ahead,” the Minister said.

    “Technology is changing with bewildering speed how we live, work and trade. It will rapidly continue to reshape our economy and transform our society in the years ahead.”

    The UK-Asia Tech Powerhouse brought together leading influencers from trade and technology to explore how the digital revolution is transforming the global business landscape. It was the only conference during London Tech Week to convene investors, innovators, start-ups and tech giants with a specific focus on the UK’s links with Asia.

    Michael Lawrence, Chief Executive of Asia House, said: “At Asia House, we are seeing a growing interest in Asia’s tech landscape among our network. The digital revolution is the big game changer in global trade, and Asian markets are where some of the most exciting innovation is taking place.

    “This forum is playing an important role in driving tech engagement between Asia and the UK, and we’re delighted to be working with ABP Royal Albert Dock to help businesses and investors understand the digital revolution and where the key opportunities lie.”