Nezar Patria provides insights on the upcoming Indonesian election

Nezar Patria provides insights on the upcoming Indonesian election


Isabelle Meere, content producer

The upcoming Indonesian presidential election between incumbent President Jokowi and challenger Prabowo Subianto was the focus of a briefing by Nezar Patria, Editor in Chief of the Jakarta Post, at Asia House last week.

The election, scheduled for 17 April 2019, will determine local, provincial and national leaders for Indonesia. It is of huge interest based on Indonesia’s large economy and population, and its potential economic growth. Issues such as the role of religion in society, the use of ‘fake news’ and the involvement of China throughout the region are also influencing the candidates’ campaigns.

Patria drew on decades of experience in public commentary to highlight the main features of the election contest, as well as the characteristics of the two campaigns. He outlined the implications and intricacies surrounding the choices of running mates for the two main candidates, as well the election’s economic focus.

The role of religion and social media was also discussed, as were government policies on energy and the environment.

The briefing was organised exclusively for Asia House Corporate Members.