Trump hints at Xi meeting, praises China’s help on North Korea

Trump hints at Xi meeting, praises China’s help on North Korea


Noura Tan

US President Donald Trump has expressed optimism about reaching a deal with China in the current trade talks, and mooted the prospect of a meeting with President Xi Jinping later this month.

Both parties are working to a 1 March deadline to strike a deal which would cool trade tensions and avert an escalation of tariffs. Relations have seemed strained in recent weeks, with the US bringing new charges against Chinese firm Huawei provoking fierce words from Beijing, which accused the US of politicising trade issues.

However, President Trump spoke positively of China this week, describing Beijing’s role in ongoing US-North Korea negotiations as “very helpful.”

Details have also emerged regarding the second Trump-Kim summit as the US and North Korea seek to diffuse tensions in the Korean peninsula. The two leaders will meet in Vietnam at the end of February, the US president confirmed at his State of Union address on Tuesday.

Trump and Kim first met in Singapore in June of last year, during which they agreed on a framework for future negotiations, including North Korea’s progression towards “complete denuclearisation.” While North Korea has refrained from testing missiles or nuclear devices since the two leaders last met, observers remain sceptical due to the lack of a detailed agreement on what “denuclearisation” actually entails.

In his most recent address to Congress, Trump said, “as part of a bold new diplomacy, we continue our historic push for peace on the Korean peninsula,” The Straits Times quoted.

Trump told reporters he’s also considering a meeting with President Xi Jinping during his visit to Asia later this month, although no firm plans have been announced.


The latest developments in the US-China trade tensions will be explored during Asia House’s major conference in Dubai on 24 March.

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