Trump slams China on Twitter as trade talks resume

Trump slams China on Twitter as trade talks resume


All eyes are on Shanghai this week as the US-China trade talks continue. There wasn’t a great deal of optimism going into the negotiations, according to the Financial Times, and hopes of a quick deal were further blunted by a new Twitter salvo from President Trump.

Reuters reports that the Shanghai talks ‘were expected to center on “goodwill” gestures, such as Chinese commitments to purchase U.S. agricultural commodities and steps by the United States to ease some sanctions on Chinese telecoms equipment giant Huawei.’

President Trump, however, took to Twitter to accuse China of backing away from its pledges, saying they “were supposed to start buying our agricultural product now – no signs that they are doing so.”

He added, “my team is negotiating with them now, but they always change the deal in the end to their benefit.”

Chinese state-owned media outlet, Global Times, wasn’t impressed. ‘The US often makes unconstructive remarks when China-US trade talks are about to start,’ it said in an editorial.

‘This seems to have become a habit of Washington when dealing with China. But it is obviously not a good style.’

The current round of talks are scheduled to end today, 31 July.

The ongoing trade tensions between the US and China, and the disruption this is causing in global trade, will be one of the themes discussed at the Asia House Global Trade Dialogue, taking place in Singapore on 7 November 2019.