UK Minister for Digital, Matt Hancock, sees need to adapt for future of tech

UK Minister for Digital, Matt Hancock, sees need to adapt for future of tech


Luke Foddy

The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP gives keynote speech at Asia House                                                   


The Minister of State for Digital, Matt Hancock MP, has called for a shift in mindset towards the internet in a keynote speech at Asia House.

Highlighting the opportunities but also the threats emerging as the digital sector evolves, Mr Hancock said there is a need to move away from “libertarian” attitudes towards the online space.

“Even the greatest enthusiasts for digital technologies need to recognise that there are risks and harms that are accelerated through increased connectivity,” he said.

“Ultimately, we need to move from a libertarian approach to the internet to liberal values.”

The Minister’s speech was part of an Asia House conference, held in partnership with Accenture, focusing on digital fragmentation and the future of online technologies. Accenture launched their report, Digital Fragmentation: Adapt to Succeed in a Fragmented World at the conference.

Mr Hancock also discussed the “big task” ahead in reaching global consensus on digital regulation during his speech.

“I think there is an opportunity for an increasingly global agreement on the free flow of data where there is good data protection and good cybersecurity,” the Minister said, citing the extraterritorial nature of the GDPR as an example.

“Our task is to ensure the great power of the internet, the great technologies of our age, can be hewn to the benefit of human kind,” he added.

Watch the full speech and Q&A here.