US and China could strike deal this month, sources say

US and China could strike deal this month, sources say


The US and China are in the “final stages” of trade negotiations, with a deal potentially being sealed as early this month, according to sources close to the talks.

Reuters reports that a summit at Mar-a-Lago, Florida, is being scheduled for the end of March, at which President Trump and President Xi could sign off on a deal which would roll back US tariffs and see China promise structural changes to its economy.

It’s the closest indication yet that the ongoing trade war, which has caused global uncertainty, could be coming to an end.

Chinese state media outlet Xinhua also reported that both sides have “made important progress on many issues of common concern.”

However, one issue that risks derailing progress relates to the mechanism by which China will be forced to comply with any deal’s terms, CNBC reports, while respective domestic resistance could also jeopardise an agreement. But if both sides can reach acceptable terms, a deal could be signed this month with 27 March mooted as a possible date.