‘Xi Jinping Thought’ signals new Chinese era

‘Xi Jinping Thought’ signals new Chinese era


Luke Foddy, Communications Manager

Throughout China’s 19th Communist Party Congress, party members have been reciting the phrase: ‘Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era.’

State media, such as Xinhua, are also referring to ‘Xi Jinping Thought’, which points to the establishment of a new personal political ideology.

According to the BBC’s Carrie Gracie, ‘when the members of the Communist Party’s Politburo Standing Committee all start using the same phrase at their party congress, it’s clear something big is coming.’

While other Chinese leaders have created political ideologies, none have been referred to as ‘thought’, except Mao Zedong’s, the BBC reports.

Global trade significance

‘Xi Jinping Thought’ may have a global impact due to its economic implications. The language ‘Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era’, suggests a new social and economic model to rival western liberal democracy and capitalism, The Guardian reports.

How ‘Xi Jinping Thought’ will impact China’s promotion of globalisation and investment through activities such as the Belt and Road Initiative remains to be seen. China has struck a more assertive pose on the global stage under President Xi, and has the opportunity to play a greater leadership role as the US withdraws under the ‘America First’ banner. As the world’s second largest economy, any shift in China’s direction is likely to have global implications.


Elsewhere at the CPC, President Xi Jinping’s trusted ally Li Zhanshu is tipped to become Chairman of the National People’s Congress, while Party organisation chief Zhao Leji will be made anti-corruption tsar, according to the South China Morning Post. Both men are expected to be elevated to the Party’s senior leadership level, the Politburo Standing Committee, the SCMP reports.

Meanwhile, Caixin Media reports that 12 ‘senior officials’ were expelled from the Communist Party ahead of the Congress, including the former head of the Ministry of Justice, Wu Aiying.

The Chinese Ambassador to the UK, HE Liu Xiaoming, will be speaking on the outcomes of the 19th Communist Party Congress at Asia House on 7 November.