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    Alex Ellis, UK High Commissioner to India

    Following a virtual summit between Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Narendra Modi on 4 May, the UK and India have announced new trade and investment deals worth £1 billion and made clear their plan to revive negotiations for a free trade agreement. Deepened relations with India come at a good time for the UK as it seeks to boost its economy and reconfigure its global strategy. Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently described India as “an increasingly indispensable partner for the United Kingdom”, and with the Integrated Review highlighting the UK’s ‘Indo-Pacific tilt’, it is clear that India is emerging as a priority for British foreign policy.

    This increasing importance was reflected by Johnson’s scheduled visit to the country in April, but India’s surging COVID-19 cases saw the New Delhi trip cancelled and replaced with the virtual summit. With India struggling to handle the current COVID-19 wave, the UK has joined global efforts to help tackle the crisis, sending ventilators and oxygen equipment.

    To update Corporate Members on the situation in India, Asia House will welcome UK High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis for a digital briefing on 13 May. Speaking from New Delhi, the High Commissioner will discuss the ambition to deepen the UK-India economic relationship through the establishment of a free trade agreement, and opportunities for bilateral cooperation on issues ranging from climate change to the global supply and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

    Appointed as British High Commissioner to the Republic of India in January of this year, and having helped draft the Integrated Review as Deputy National Security Advisor, the High Commissioner will also discuss the thinking behind the UK’s Integrated Review on security, defence, development and foreign policy, and reflect on the significance of UK-India relations in a volatile global environment.

    Prior to being appointed as British High Commissioner to the Republic of India, Ellis worked as Deputy National Security Adviser for the Integrated Review and was Director General in the Department for Exiting the EU. He also previously served as British Ambassador to Portugal and Brazil.

    This briefing is being held exclusively for Asia House Corporate Members. Find out more about Corporate Membership at Asia House.

    To register interest in joining this digital briefing, please email Edward Danks: edward.danks@asiahouse.co.uk


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