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Join an active business community 

Asia House Corporate Members are part of an active community with access to a range of events and networking opportunities.


Asia House’s programmes reflect the dynamic nature of Europe/UK and Asia trade and policy relations, reflecting the political and economic developments that matter to our Corporate Members.

Unparalleled networking opportunities

Asia House Corporate Members have unparalleled access not only to our in-house expertise, but also to our 5,000+ network of organisations, diplomatic missions, government departments and businesses who regularly attend and speak at our events.


Drawing on our rich experience of driving engagement and navigating the complex business and political landscape across Asia and Europe, Asia House provides pragmatic advice on a range of issues from policy shifts, government relations, market opportunities, and political and commercial engagement.

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For further information about Asia House Corporate Membership, please contact Samantha Deave, Head of Stakeholder Engagement: | +44(0)20 7307 5442


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