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    Asia House Brexit Series: Dr Gerard Lyons

    Independent economist Dr Gerard Lyons was the co-founder of the Economists for Brexit, a group that campaigned to demonstrate the economic upside to leaving the EU.  It has now transformed into a policy advisory group to explain the economic arguments in favour of Brexit.

    Dr Lyons was also the Chief Economic Advisor to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson when Mr Johnson was Mayor of London.

    He will join Asia House corporate members for a private briefing as part of the Asia House Brexit Series.

    Whilst campaigning for the Leave vote, Dr Lyons said that the City of London would retain its role as the world’s leading financial centre without the EU. He argued that the EU was not only badly placed to prosper in the future global economy, but also that the country would save considerable money following Brexit.

    Since the EU Referendum he has also criticised former Prime Minister David Cameron and his Cabinet for failing to prepare for the event of a Leave vote. With the prospect of Article 50 being triggered by the end of March 2017, Dr Lyons will discuss his views on the critical negotiations, as well as the impact on the City of London of leaving the single market.

    This event is taking place as part of the Asia House Brexit Series, which encompasses a number of seminars and private briefings examining the implications of Brexit.

    Attendance at this event is for Asia House corporate members and invited guests only.

    For further information, please contact: Conor Paterson, Business & Policy Team at conor.paterson@asiahouse.co.uk or call 0207 307 5439.

    Dr Gerard Lyons is an economist, author and public speaker based in London. He is Chief Economic Advisor at Policy Exchange think tank; Chief Economic Strategist at new online discretionary wealth manager Netwealth Investments; an Independent Non-Executive Director at Bank of China (UK) Ltd; and a Senior Advisor at financial consultants Parker Fitzgerald. He is also on advisory boards at The Official Monetary Financial Institutions Forum, the University of Warwick Business School and the Grantham Institute on environmental change at The London School of Economics & Imperial College.

    Dr Lyons is also a Committee Member of the Hong Kong Association (since 2007); Honorary Vice Chairman (since 2009) of the 48 Group that focuses on boosting UK-China business ties; and a Committee Member of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs (appointed 2014).

    Following his PhD from the University of London he spent 27 years in The City in senior roles with Chase, Swiss Bank, DKB International and Standard Chartered. From Jan 2013 to May 2016 he took on the non-political role of Chief Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

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