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    Asia House Brexit Series: Paddy Ashdown

    Lord Ashdown, Senior Adviser to G3 Good Governance Group and former leader of the Liberal Democrats, will brief Asia House corporate members and invited guests on the implications of the EU referendum result and its immediate impact on British politics, business and the economy. Lord Ashdown will offer an insight into the current state of the UK government post Brexit and the Cabinet reshuffle, and the best way for businesses to negotiate the rapidly changing political environment.

    This event is taking place as part of the Asia House Brexit Series, which encompasses a number of seminars and private briefings examining the implications of Brexit.

    In his current role as Senior Adviser to G3 Good Governance Group, Lord Ashdown has shared his thoughts on a range of issues affected by the Brexit vote, including the political fallout of the referendum as well as the new business and regulatory environment.

    He was a prominent figure in the ‘Remain’ campaign in the run up to the referendum, and has made regular media appearances discussing the Brexit vote, including on BBC’s Question Time.

    In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, he has been a strong advocate for Britain forming as close a relationship as possible with the European Union. Read more on his strategic insights here.

    Attendance at this event is by invitation only.

    For further information, please contact: Conor Paterson, Business & Policy Team at or call 0207 307 5439.

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      6 September 2016
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