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  • Driving commercial and political engagement between Asia, the Middle East and Europe


    Asian millennials roundtable

    Asia is a young demographic. A billion millennials (born 1980-2000) are entering the workforce across Asia; 415 million in China – more than the working population of the US with a combined income of US$5 trillion – plus 440 million in India and millions more in Bangladesh, Pakistan and ASEAN.

    The demographic phenomena has profound impacts on employment, housing and savings, and the ways in which young adults consume services such as banking, media and e-commerce. Mobile commerce in particular is rising exponentially in Asia and companies are racing to develop new services and technologies to meet the rapid changes in young consumer trends and grab share of the millennial wallet.

    The Asia House roundtable will convene leading players in the development of services for millennials across the region and identify how companies can keep pace and win in these fast moving markets.

    Topics for discussion:

    • Changing Millennial demographics across China, India and ASEAN
    • Millennial attitudes to debt, housing, work, savings, pensions, insurance and investment
    • Millennial adoption of m-commerce and rise of the m-consumer in Asia
    • How financial services are responding to changes in Millennial consumer behavior
    • Developing fintech and e-payment systems to engage millennial wallets
    • Remodelling business operations and technological infrastructure to move with Millennials
    • Future predictions and trends in the delivery of services to Asian Millennials


    This event follows the publication of Telstra’s recent report Millennials, Mobiles & Money: The Forces Reinventing Financial Services, which sheds light on how the enigmatic Generation Y (now the largest demographic group), will transform the financial services industry as employees, customers, investors and policy makers, according to the role these self-styled entrepreneurs want finance to play in their digitally driven lifestyles, business and society.


    Rocky Scopelliti, Finance Industry Executive, Telstra

    Lin Yue, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

    Andrew Phipps, Head of Retail Research, CBRE

    Nicholas O’Neill, Director, Investment Grade Originations, National Australia Bank

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    To register your interest in attending this event please email David Shui-Jezierski on david.shui-jezierski@asiahouse.co.uk.

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      6 July 2017
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