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    Asia’s Digital Health Innovations: The role of cross-border health data sharing

    Asia has become an attractive hub for digital health innovations, with cross-border sharing of health data driving this transformation. While both the public and private sectors across Asia are increasingly aware of the benefits, barriers such as regulatory differences, digital infrastructure, and capacity pose significant challenges to innovation in healthcare.

    In this research briefing, Asia House Fellow Aarthi Raghavan will present her research and delve into how Asia fosters healthcare innovation, focusing on the evolving national health data infrastructure in five key Asian countries: China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

    The report indicates that these five countries either leverage market forces through regulations or utilise regulatory sandboxes to help local digital health innovations to scale. Challenges currently faced by healthcare start-ups navigating data protection regulations, as well as government strategies to bridge existing gaps in the healthcare sector, will also be covered in the research briefing.

    To read the report in full, click here.

    By addressing the status quo and reimagining the future of digital health, the discussion will explore ways in which a global health data governance framework can be designed to ensure safe and efficient cross-border sharing of health data.

    This briefing will be held digitally and moderated by Asia House Head of Research & Advisory, Zhouchen Mao.

    To register interest, please email Joanna Octavia, Head of Programming: joanna.octavia@asiahouse.co.uk  

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      31 October 2023
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