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    Brian Davidson, UK Consul General to Hong Kong

    Recent years of protests, the passing of the National Security Law, and resultant international tensions have brought Hong Kong’s future as a global business and finance hub into question. While the implementation of the National Security Law has, according to policymakers, brought about greater stability, the direct imposition of legal restrictions by the central Chinese government has cast doubt around the region’s reliability as a base for global businesses.

    These developments have led to fractious international relations. Following the recent arrest of four pro-democracy politicians, criticism from the British government prompted China’s foreign ministry to accuse the UK of “gross interference”, while the UK’s offer of lengthy residence permits as a route to citizenship for millions of Hong Kong residents has also increased bilateral tensions.  The deteriorating relations pose challenges for British businesses with a presence in Hong Kong.

    Against this backdrop, Asia House will welcome Brian Davidson, the UK Consul General to Hong Kong and Non-Resident Consul General to Macao, to brief Corporate Members on 12 October.

    Speaking off-the-record from Hong Kong just three months after taking up post, Davidson will discuss the current state of the UK’s relationship with the Hong Kong SAR government amid the increasingly fractious global environment, and consider the region’s future as a global financial hub. As well as sharing his insights on China’s growing assertiveness in Hong Kong and what this means for the UK-Hong Kong relationship, Davidson is also keen to hear from Asia House Corporate Members about their concerns and priorities in the region.

    This invitation-only webinar is being convened for members of Asia House’s corporate network. To register interest in joining, please email Edward Danks:  edward.danks@asiahouse.co.uk

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      12 October 2021
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