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    Catherine West MP, Shadow Minister for Asia and the Pacific

    The Labour Party has held a large poll lead over the Conservatives for several months in the UK.  And with a general election due no later than January 2025, businesses are starting to pay serious consideration to what a Labour Government’s policy agenda may look like.  One of the major policy challenges for a potential Labour government would be their position on China, which is re-opening following the relaxation of its zero-COVID policy.

    To learn about how a Labour government would engage China, and to hear more about its broader policy agenda in the Indo-Pacific, Asia House will welcome Catherine West, Shadow Minister for Asia and the Pacific, for an off-the-record briefing with Corporate Members on Monday 6 February.

    West, who has been MP for Hornsey and Wood Green since May 2015, has been Shadow Minister for Asia and the Pacific since December 2021. A fluent Mandarin speaker, West will also provide insights into the importance of trade and the private sector to Labour’s foreign policy ambitions in the Indo-Pacific.

    This briefing, convened exclusively for Asia House Corporate Members, will provide unique insights on Labour’s foreign policy thinking as its prospects for power – according to polls – improve.

    To register interest, please email Edward Danks, Programme Associate:  edward.danks@asiahouse.co.uk

    Please note that this briefing is being convened in-person at Asia House’s London headquarters, and will be moderated by Asia House Chief Executive Michael Lawrence.

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