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    China and the World: Inside a Changing Economic Relationship

    According to McKinsey Global Institute(MGI), the world’s exposure to China in the areas of trade, technology and capital increased between 2000 and 2017, while China’s exposure to the world peaked in 2007 and has declined since. While remaining a key player in global trade and significant destination for investment, China’s growth is increasingly being driven by its domestic economy. China is evolving from being the ‘workshop of the world’ to rely more on its growing consumer market, which has also become an engine for global growth.

    What are the prospects for reforming the Chinese economy? What is the outlook for China’s economic relationships with the world and how can the opportunities be accessed?  What role will China play in shaping the global political and economic landscape?

    This event will bring together Jonathan Woetzel, Director of the McKinsey Global Institute, Sue Anne Tay, Director of China and RMB Internationalisation of HSBC, and other experts to delve deeper into how China is re-imagining its global ties, given the shifts in technology, capital and flows of trade between China and the world.

    This event is in partnership with McKinsey & Company and attendance is by invitation. For more information please contact Aini Abdullah in the Business & Policy Team at:

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      4 April 2019
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