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    Dubai: Moving into the Middle East’s key trading hub

    Director, The Corporate Group) will join us at Asia House to discuss how Dubai, the region’s key trading hub, has become a prime destination for international SMEs – and why SMEs should look to Dubai to expand their business.

    This event provides a rare opportunity for businesses to get both public and private sector advice on moving into the market. Located in the geographic and economic centre of the Middle East, there is a need to understand the opportunities – and potential challenges – that come with developing your business in Dubai. At this event, attendees will make vital contacts with those able to help develop their businesses, as well as receive advice on the practical aspects of moving into the market, from determining the best legal structures to identifying potential investment opportunities. Key sector focuses include: technology, green tech, education, healthcare, energy, infrastructure and aerospace.

    One-to-one meetings following the briefing can be arranged upon request.

    To register interest in attending, please email Cordelia Begbie, Middle East Programme Manager, at


    Ibrahim Ahli

    As a Director of Investment Promotion Division at Dubai FDI, the foreign investment promotion agency in the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai, Ibrahim Ahli assists investors with their service requirements and supports companies looking to set up in Dubai or any of its free zones to serve local, regional and international markets. Ibrahim steers the investor outreach and promotion efforts of Dubai FDI with his vast experience in working with international business and supporting them to establish their operations in the United Arab Emirates in general and in Dubai specifically.


    Ayman Al AlAwadhi

    Ayman is the Co-Founder and Group Managing Director of The Corporate Group. He is in charge of subsidiaries responsible for delivering a one-stop-shop of professional services related to business setup solutions and enabling both FDIs and foreign companies to do business in the UAE and in the region more generally. He has worked with businesses across multiple sectors including, but not limited to, education, healthcare, technology, energy and professional services. His experience also includes advising companies on corporate structuring and merge & acquisition transactions along developing operational framework that delivers unique customer engagement with clients and stakeholders along with association with both private and government sectors.

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      28 January 2020
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    • Asia House
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