Driving commercial and political engagement between Asia, the Middle East and Europe

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  • Driving commercial and political engagement between Asia, the Middle East and Europe


    The Future of Trade: DMCC

    The economic relationship between the Middle East and Asia has grown increasingly important, as research by Asia House made clear earlier this year. Asia accounts for much of the oil exported from the region, and the Middle East stands to benefit from growing Asian economic clout.

    Across Asia, countries are deepening their relationship with the Middle East. Beijing has recently promised a tranche of development packages totalling US$23 billion to the Middle East, linking the region in with China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and Saudi Arabia and the UAE are China’s two largest Middle-Eastern trading partners. India has had long-running historical ties with the region and the Modi administration has sought to enhance these links. ASEAN countries are also intensifying their relations with the Middle East, in all kinds of industries ranging from tourism and finance.

    In this breakfast briefing held in partnership with DMCC – recently named the world’s top free trade zone for the fourth consecutive year – leading figures in trade and investment will share their insights on the coming challenges facing the world trading system, the growing importance and significance of Middle East-Asia trade to the global economy, and how businesses can both face incoming challenges and tap future opportunities.

    Speakers include:

    • Gautam Sashittal, CEO, DMCC
    • Jinny Yan, Managing Director & Chief China Economist, ICBC Standard Bank

    This roundtable is by invitation only. For more information, please contact Aini Abdullah in the Business and Policy Team at: aini.abdullah@asiahouse.co.uk  

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      24 October 2018
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