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    Jon Lambe, UK Ambassador to ASEAN

    With the global economy facing a number of significant challenges and a post-Brexit UK embarking upon an ambitious trade agenda, the official launch of the UK Mission to ASEAN in February of this year has been held up as a signal of Britain’s commitment to reshaping its relationships with Southeast Asia. Since taking up post, UK Ambassador to ASEAN Jon Lambe has hosted various senior officials including FCO Secretary of State Dominic Raab, driving engagement between the UK and ASEAN member states on issues ranging from driving sustainable growth to using shared innovation and technologies to tackle climate change.

    On 8 April, Jon Lambe, UK Ambassador to ASEAN, will speak to Asia House Corporate Members via video, providing a view from Jakarta on the implications of COVID-19 on integration and trade throughout Southeast Asia. Having previously briefed Asia House’s corporate network in October 2019 before the opening of the UK’s dedicated mission to ASEAN and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab’s visit to parts of the region in February, Ambassador Lambe will also build on topics from his last visit and update members on the UK’s strategy in ASEAN.

    This briefing is off-the-record and moderated remotely by Michael Lawrence, Chief Executive of Asia House. It is held exclusively for Asia House Corporate Members and is part of an ongoing series of Asia House digital events with senior officials as the world grapples with the coronavirus outbreak.

    This briefing is exclusively for Asia House Corporate Members. For more information, please contact Edward Danks at


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