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    Leveraging Digital Innovation to Achieve Net Zero in Asia

    Asia House is assembling policymakers and business leaders to explore how the digital revolution can support Asia’s net zero transition. Join Raffaele Mauro Petriccione, the European Commission’s Director-General for Climate Action; Ampy Aswin, Head of Supply Chain and Logistics Industry Solutions APAC, Google Cloud; David Wallerstein,  Chief eXploration Officer and Senior Executive Vice President, Tencent; and Peter Lacy, Accenture’s Chief Responsibility Officer & Global Sustainability Services Lead, to discuss the role of digital innovation in reducing carbon emissions across Asia.

    09:00-10:15 UK TIME

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    The world is at an inflection point where ambitions to achieve carbon neutrality are proving a significant disruptor. With this comes a set of opportunities and risks for all those involved in the race to zero, driving all types of organisations to look for innovative solutions to achieving their increasingly ambitious climate targets. Throughout 2021 we have seen the further mainstreaming of climate change within the operations of governments and businesses the world over, and whereas previously many organisations viewed transitioning to carbon neutrality as a burden, companies are increasingly acknowledging the opportunities the race to zero brings.

    This event, sponsored by Accenture, will bring together a cross sector group of experts to consider how companies can leverage innovative technologies to establish themselves as climate leaders, and the opportunities these companies have to shift the dial on climate change and set the pace in the race to zero.

    The conference is being convened as part of the Asia House COP26 Programme – a series of events, briefings and research activity exploring the business and policy response to climate change ahead of the Glasgow conference.




    Raffaele Mauro Petriccione, Director-General for Climate Action, European Commission

    Raffaelle was appointed Director General for Climate Action at the European Commission in March 2018. He previously served as Deputy-Director General of DG Trade (2014 to early 2018), responsible for trade relations concerning services and investment, intellectual property, public procurement, agri-food and fisheries. He was also responsible for trade relations with Asia, Latin America and countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific; trade; and sustainable development. He has served as Chief Negotiator for the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA); the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement; and the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement.


    Ampy Aswin, Head of Supply Chain and Logistics Industry Solutions APAC, Google Cloud

    Ampy Aswin is Google Cloud’s APAC Industry Solutions Director for Supply Chain and Logistics helping organisations solve transformation challenges and unlock opportunities at scale to accelerate customers’ journeys to value and growth. Before joining Google Cloud, Ampy had 24 years of supply chain experience in Unilever. She was Foods Regional VP, Logistics Regional VP, Foods & Refreshment Manufacturing Regional VP, Indonesia VP and Skin Cleansing & Skin Care Global VP. Ampy has been recognised as one of the Top 100 Women in Supply Chain (2021) by Supply Chain Digital and 100 Most Influential Women in Supply Chain (2020) by B2G Consulting.


    David Wallerstein, Chief eXploration Officer and Senior Executive Vice President, Tencent

    David’s career has been defined by a desire to foster the healthy development of human relationships across national borders, and bringing next-gen technologies to market to increase human resilience. He is Chief eXploration Officer (CXO) and Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent. He drives Tencent’s participation in new technologies, business areas, research collaborations and ideas. David has worked on building Tencent’s international footprint and entrance into new business areas since 2001. Working with Naspers, he drove their early investment into Tencent and subsequently joined Tencent’s executive team. David also worked with other multinationals in China and Japan in the 1990s, facilitating their investments and strategic planning. He is the author of “Rearchitecting Earth: AI for FEW,” and producer of the documentary film “Day Zero.”


    Peter Lacy, Chief Responsibility Officer & Global Sustainability Services Lead, Accenture

    Peter oversees the integration of sustainability in all client work and ensuring the responsible business agenda across Accenture services and internal operations. Peter is a member of Accenture’s Global Management Committee. He leads sustainability services with clients and ecosystem partners, working across Accenture’s service offerings to help clients create value and impact. Peter’s work spans environmental, social and governance issues as they impact business, clients and ecosystems, as Accenture builds toward achieving the United Nations Global Compact’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. He directs market growth for sustainability services and demand for responsible business consulting. Peter previously led Accenture Strategy in Europe and Asia Pacific and helped launch the company’s sustainability practice in 2008. He has led the world’s largest CEO studies on behalf of the United Nations Secretary General and co-led a global research program on digital transformation with the World Economic Forum, where he also sits on the Forum of Young Global Leaders foundation board. Peter is the author of two books on the value of the circular economy: Waste to Wealth, an international best seller, and its follow-up, The Circular Economy Handbook.





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