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  • Driving commercial and political engagement between Asia, the Middle East and Europe


    Geopolitical risks in Asia: Michael Stott, Managing Editor of the Nikkei Asian Review

    Michael Stott, Managing Editor of the Nikkei Asian Review, will share his views on the geopolitical risks in Asia and the implications for businesses at this lunch. 

    Topics to be discussed include:

    • The implications of China’s militarisation of the South China Sea;
    • The competition for power and influence in Southeast Asia between China and Japan;
    • Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s low approval ratings following a scandal over suspected cronyism; and
    • Prospects for peace on the Korean peninsula. 

    The lunch will be moderated by Michael Lawrence, Chief Executive of Asia House.

    Michael Stott is an executive editor at the Financial Times. Currently on assignment to the Nikkei Asian Review in Tokyo as Managing Editor, Michael was previously the FT’s Investigations Editor and also served as the FT’s UK News Editor directing political, diplomatic and business coverage of Britain’s referendum campaign on EU membership and Scotland’s historic vote on independence. 

    The Nikkei Asian Review is a fast-growing, innovative digital and print publication providing unique business insight and analysis on Asia for a worldwide audience. Drawing on Nikkei’s extensive network of correspondents, as well as its own network of staff and contributors and the expertise of the Financial Times, the Nikkei Asian Review offers an Asian perspective on the world’s most dynamic and innovative continent.

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      15 June 2018
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