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    ‘Thailand 4.0’: Eastern Economic Corridor and Investment Opportunities

    Asia House will host a private briefing with H.E. Dr. Uttama Savanayana, Minister of Industry for the Government of Thailand, and Dr. Kanit Sangsubhan, Secretary General Eastern Economic Corridor Office.

    Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia and is currently exceeding growth expectations, achieving the highest growth in five years in Q1 2018. With a population of 68 million and a rising GDP per capita, Thailand is working towards attracting further investment to achieve growth above four per cent by reducing bureaucratic red tape, boosting infrastructure and increasing efforts to encourage foreign investment. The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), the Government’s flagship project under its economic plan ‘Thailand 4.0’, aims to be the region’s new growth hub.

    As Minister for Industry Dr. Uttama is responsible for the promotion and regulation of industry, as well as Thailand’s Board of Investment. Dr. Kanit, as head of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Committee, directs the EEC infrastructure and project plans, as well as facilitating and granting certain privileges to businesses in the EEC area. This private briefing will provide attendees the opportunity to address questions regarding the Thai administration’s economic initiatives as well as business opportunities and foreign investment.

    This briefing is for Asia House corporate members only. To register, or for any further information, please contact Aini Abdullah in the Business & Policy Team at: aini.abdullah@asiahouse.co.uk

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      20 June 2018
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