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  • Driving commercial and political engagement between Asia, the Middle East and Europe


    Understanding China

    Asia House Research and Advisory practice is hosting a roundtable discussion with an expert panel on political and economic developments in China. The event will take place at Asia House, on Thursday 13 December 2018, with a networking lunch at 12 noon, and a roundtable from 12.30-13.30.

    Tasseography is an ancient Chinese fortune-telling practice that interprets patterns in tea-leaves. Understanding and predicting Chinese political and economic developments can be so challenging that reading tea leaves often seems like a reasonable option. Analyses of indicators such as energy consumption often point to GDP growth of half of what China posts publicly. Other indicators such as the rate of capital formation, currency interventions, and the rate of RMB internationalisation each tell different stories about the health of the Chinese economy, and the concerns of those in power.

    In line with this we will discuss how to best ‘read’ China and what indicators analysts and experts look at to better understand the Chinese economy and political developments, including:

    • How political tensions in the central government between reformers and more conservative elements are manifesting themselves both in the domestic economy
    • China’s external actions, especially responses to changes in the international trade environment, including rising tensions and the threat of a trade war with the US
    • Key trends moving into 2019

    Our expert panel will include:

    • Doug Lippoldt, Chief Trade Economist, HSBC Global Research
    • Gordon Orr, Senior Advisor, McKinsey, and non-executive Board Member for Swire Pacific and Lenovo
    • Jinny Yan, Managing Director and Chief China Economist, ICBC Standard Bank
    • Ed Ratcliffe, Head of Research and Advisory, Asia House

    Asia House Research and Advisory practice
    This roundtable, hosted by Asia House’s Research and Advisory practice, will aim to help those seeking to be globally informed read the tea leaves and better understand where China is heading next, and why. Asia House’s Research and Advisory practice provides bespoke services to help organisations understand new operating environments and develop engagement strategies to approach business-critical challenges.

    This event is by invitation only. To register your interest or find out more, please email isabelle.meere@asiahouse.co.uk

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