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    Asia House conferences to explore the digital revolution

    Published On: 22 May 2019

    Upcoming Asia House conferences to focus on digital technologies – the big game-changer in global trade.

    Of all the forces driving change in the world economy, digital technologies are by far the most impactful. Tech is the big game-changer, disrupting industries and redrawing the business landscape.

    Asian markets are among the most exciting when it comes to this digital revolution, both in terms of the innovation and business opportunities in the region.

    From blockchain transforming trade logistics to 3D printing having the potential to redesign supply chains, the power of emerging technologies should not be underestimated. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already enabling efficiencies across multiple sectors and is driving a revolution in FinTech. Digital technologies are also shifting the geopolitical landscape, with several big questions over cross-border data and IP ownership still unanswered. Furthermore, technology is increasingly emerging as a flashpoint in US-China tensions, most publicly demonstrated by the ongoing news stories surrounding Huawei.

    To help the business and policy community better understand these trends, Asia House is running a programme of events focusing on digital tech across Asia, from China’s AI landscape to the Middle East’s growing tech sectors. Leading figures from industry and government will share their analysis and insights during upcoming conferences exploring a range of tech issues.


    China’s AI Development

    Beijing has set its sights on becoming an AI superpower, with a blueprint for investing in AI that would create a US$150 billion industry by 2030. This conference, held in partnership with Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, will discuss the state of AI development in China. It will look more closely at China’s key advantages vis-à-vis the US, China’s progress in AI development and where it has room for further growth, and more broadly address whether AI has been overhyped in China and beyond.

    18 June | 09:00 – 11:00 | Register interest


    The Middle East’s Pivot to Asia 

    Since the turn of the century, the Middle East’s trade focus has increasingly shifted towards Asia. Initially driven by the energy needs of Asian economies, the trade relationship has since developed beyond oil and gas exports. Asian markets are emerging as key sources of investment for Middle East economies seeking to diversify. The Middle East is also a key region in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which promises to transform the global trade landscape. This conference will explore the forces driving the Middle East’s Asian pivot.

    27 June | 08:30 – 13:00 | Register interest